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site in my opinion. Flamered 2012.08.09 this game is just like sex date with megan, which was amazing, so this one must be good munisma 2012.08.08 that a great game. Damn good sex ballistic82 2012.07.21 sex man komt te snel she is quite hot good game lacks sound though Jeanmarit 2012.07.20 Such a hot interactive adventure indeed sventhecoward 2012.07.19 Very well done oryline is excellent. Roughrider 2012.10.27 nice graphics and good game but i would have wanted anal freak3425 2012.10.25 Emily is freaking hot, wish there was an anal option though. Shes very hot sloth666 2012.09.19 one of my favorite game especelly the part with tequilla shademage 2012.09.19 Loved it, made me have to remember how to drink tequila, been a bit. Batmancum 2012.02.25 any1 like my pic?

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Dcarter.03.23 great game awesome graphics Sir_Loins 2013.03.23 Nope but if you take her panties off they should stay off LOL other then that great game. Milany 2013.02.06 funny story and awesome girl. Stese 2012.09.21 This is one of my new favorite games. Paula is like an angel, a goddess of beauty. Gfizzle 2012.10.22 haha this game is a lot of fun. Im stuck at the shaving part. Paula was damn sexy. Kinkykiri 2015.02.16, i love this game its amazing. Nice tatoos, by the wayrn- Always the perfect student. Any1 got guide or somethin? No complaints makila88 2012.09.17 this is why i love LOP, theres so many endings 8 points to this game derda 2012.09.17 played this multiple times. Jack90 2012.06.25 I Love thisgame i cant sex advertenties Weert get enough sivan 2012.06.25 super game great graphics emily is hot and i wish she would be real :D sivan 2012.06.25 super game emily is so hot wish she would be real :D moutheater 2012.06.25 excellent game.

Inmortal914 2012.06.17 the graphics is so amazing. I dont give out 10s very easily timbolt2008 2012.05.23 great great game, graphics are good like always, story also very good IFresh3000 2012.05.23 This game makes me me so horny. Need to see moer endings Sadreigh 2012.03.28 Awesome girl! Cowgirlup223 2012.08.11 Game is alright.

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